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Sennheiser PX 200-II

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Sennheiser PX 200-II headphones come in a very handy small package. One of the main features of the PX-series headphones is that they fold up neatly which is great when used on the go.

The bundle is limited. You only get a small carrying bag which does not provide all that much protection considering these headphones are made for use on the move.

Closer Examination

The PX 200-II headphones take after their sibilings in terms of styling. The II version looks a bit more polished and refined. The folding mechanism is still very useful and very well made.

Sennheiser is definitely one step ahead of the rest when it comes to making a tightly packaged durable set of headphones. The PX-series mechanical design is bar none. The intricate hinge and fixation system is very well thought out.

The cable and jack assembly is of a very high quality as well. The jack is small, well built, and compatible with all DAPs on the market today. A small and odd feature is the inline volume control. Sennheiser already makes an i-version which features an on-cable remote. The simpler version would have been better off with just a plain cable and perhaps a slightly lower price. The volume pot works alright, but compromises the sound quality somewhat and will undoubtedly develop some static noise over time.

The pads on the PX 200-II are very different compared to the flat and lifeless ones featured on its predecessor the PX 200s. On all supra-aural closed back headphones the pads are extremely important since they are intended to seal the cups to the ears creating a closed volume. The II pads work quite well and gives the PX 200-II something that resembles bass response.

Design wise the PX 200-IIs deserve all the praise they can get. The steel chassis surrounded by plastic panels is a small piece of engineering art. The headphones are very light, but retain enough clamping force to keep the ear cups in place.

The cups are quite small, but after a little fiddling around with the size adjusters and positioning the majority of people will be able to get a good listening experience. Another small yet important detail on the PX 200-IIs is the well engineered cable. The cable entry should provide a decent amount of strain relief.
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