Sennheiser PX 200-II 8

Sennheiser PX 200-II

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The headphones were burned in for well over 100 hours before they were tested. To begin with, good fit was a little hard to achieve, but after some experimentation and massaging the pads a bit it became easier.

The PX 200-IIs have quite a few things going for them besides the design. The midrange is quite musical and has enough detail to sound convincing. Vocal sounds are portrayed quite well without too much coloration. Compared to the Yuin G1s the PX 200-IIs are less sibilant and have a less edgy sound to them, they are also a bit less detailed, but the PX 200-IIs reach a better compromise between the two than the G1s.

The midrange is surprisingly well off. It has a good amount of detail and the decay sounds almost natural, which is quite a feat for a set of portable headphones. Size and price considered the PX 200-IIs definitely deliver as expected and a little more. The relatively natural midrange is a treat to all music enthusiast.

Treble wise the PX 200-IIs do not have a lot to show. The G1s will run circles around them, both when it comes to detail and extension. Both headphones exihibit some odd high end roll off, but that is perhaps a design trait for such relatively similar constructions.

Bass wise the PX 200-IIs provide you with enough to make most modern music sound OK. The bass lacks some weight and speed in order to be comparable to that which bigger headphones can provide. The bass could do with a notch more on pretty much all the tracks we played. Despite the somewhat lacking bass the PX 200-IIs manage to pull off a very decent overall presetation. They are mid focused, slightly warm with a very left / right sound stage.

Since the PX 200-IIs provide no noise attenuation they are best suited for use in an office or studying environment. They can be used on the move because of their low weight and well fitting design, but with a noisy backdrop it will be hard to keep focus on the music without having to crank up the volume to insane levels.
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