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Shuttle Fanless Slim-PC DS47 Review

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The DS47 comes in a small, plain cardboard box with a carrying handle on top.

This side of the box features two illustrations showing the front and back of the DS47.

This is probably the most interesting side of the box because of the product's specifications label. The latter lists the DS47's most important characteristics, including its exact dimensions and weight.


Inside the box, the DS47 is comfortably sitting between two pieces of packing foam. It is also inside a protective cloth bag. The protection offered is, all in all, adequate.

A small box stores all accessories. These include two stands, a software disc, and several screws. Since the DS47 doesn't feature an optical drive, we would prefer it if the software were on an inexpensive USB drive instead. Putting the software on a USB drive would avoid having to access the software through another PC to then somehow transfer the files onto the DS47.

You will find lots of manuals, each in a different language, inside the package. There are also instructions on how to mount the DS47 to the rear of a monitor via the provided VESA mounts.

The power brick that feeds the DS47 is by Asian Power Devices. Its model number is DA-65A19 and it can apparently provide up to 65 W of power, which would fully cover the needs of this slim-PC.
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