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Shuttle Slim-PC DS61 Review

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The DS61 comes in a plain cardboard box that reminds us of OEM products. At the face of the box is a scheme of the unit's front side, and the package, although small, has a small handle to help you move it around easily.

One of the two sides has the only colored sticker. It lists the crucial characteristics of the DS61. The very same sticker also has a photo of the unit's front. The other side doesn't include anything worth mentioning.


Two thick foam spacers inside the box provide adequate protection to the DS61. The latter is also wrapped in a white bag for some extra protection.

This is the accessory box. Inside it are the unit's power brick, a set of screws, a tube with heat-conductive paste for CPU installation, and, finally, a plastic cover for the CPU socket. The last piece would normally come pre-installed since the DS61 comes with no installed CPU.

The power brick of the DS61. It is made by Delta Electronics, one of the best and probably the largest PSU OEM, so we expect it to be of extra-high quality.

The DS61 comes with several manuals in many languages. They provide useful instructions on how to install the necessary components (CPU, RAM, and HDD) and provide a description of all I/O ports, LED lights, and jumper settings of the mainboard.
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