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Shuttle OMNINAS KD20

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The KD20 comes in a small, white box with a plastic handle on top. The front has a scheme of the unit along with Shuttle's logo and the model name of the KD20, which is OMNINAS.

This side has a sticker that describes the most crucial features of the KD20. According to Shuttle, its read and write speeds reach 75 MB/s and 55 MB/s respectively. These are definitely not high, but this is a mainstream NAS for home use, so they will suffice for the average user if real.

Contents & Bundle

The first thing we noticed after opening the package was the small accessory box. Under it is the KD20, protectively wrapped in cloth and tucked into two foam spacers.

The accessory box stores all the necessary screws for HDD/SSD mounting on the caddies, an Ethernet cable, a software disk, the user's manual, and the power brick.

The power brick is provided by Asian Power Devices. It can deliver up to 3.42 A, so its maximum power output is 65 W.
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