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Silicon Power Diamond D05 750GB USB 3.0 Review

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USB 3.0

When connected to the USB 3.0 interface the D05 acts as if the internal drive was connected directly to the SATA port, as the curve is a proper downward line in both read and write. It averages out at around 90 MB/s read and write, which is a bit slower than what the Hitachi drive in the S10 managed.

ATTO shows us similar results, as the drive scores well over 100 MB/s in read and write, which is comparable to the start of the HD Tach benchmark.

USB 2.0

When attached to the USB 2.0 connector of our Gigabyte Z68-UD5 board, the drive still manages to push data across the interface quite fast, but not as quickly as the Stream S10, which utilizes the exact same chipset. This is probably due to the different hard drive used, as nothing else has changed in our test bench since we reviewed the S10. The drive manages a bit less than 34 MB/s read and less than 29 MB/s write performance. The first number puts the unit right in the middle of the drives we have tested over time, while the write speed is on the lower end of the spectrum.

ATTO gives us similar results, showing what the unit is capable of at most: 34.9 MB/s read and 30.8 MB/s write.
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