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Silicon Power Stream S10 750 GB USB 3.0 Review

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A Closer Look

Taking a closer look at the Stream S10, the overall design and feel of the unit is really good. I have asked numerous people what their opinion is of this external enclosure and all of them liked it. While you may think that the neon green is not the best choice, the slight metallic look and the smooth surface really work well together. Turning the device over, the underside shows you what capacity the drive has, along with various certification logos and a "Made in Taiwan" text. So no "Made in China" on this one.

There is a single connector which can be found on the right side towards the front end of the device. As USB 3.0 can supply enough power for such a drive under any circumstances and USB 2.0 worked flawlessly as well.

There is no reason to open the Stream S10 up, but for the sake of this review I have done so. Two tiny screws hold the unit in place in the front, while plastic clips get the job done in the rear. As you can see, a Toshiba MK7559GSXP is used as storage. The drive spins with 5400 RPM and comes with 8 MB cache and 4 KB sectors. This drive sells bare without any warranty in the EU, but Silicon Power still offers 3 years with the device. The ASMedia ASM1051 single chip USB 3.0 controller takes care of interface.

The LED in the front lights up blue once connected to the host computer. It blinks when data is being transfered.
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