Silverstone FHP141 Fan Review 10

Silverstone FHP141 Fan Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Silverstone sent the FHP141 and.. we will get to that soon enough. The fan comes in a large box, which makes sense considering the large nature of the fan itself. On front are the company and product names, as well as a " V2.0" in red and an illustration of the fan and its salient marketing features. This continues on the back and sides with more specifications listed for you to read through if you have not done so already. There is a cutout in the top flap to help hang these in retail stores, and there are also two pieces of tape on the side to prevent these from being opened or the contents inside from spilling out.

With the tape dealt with, removing the inner box was harder than expected because of its extremely snug fit inside - perhaps too snug if I say so myself. Once extracted, we can see that Silverstone has definitely designed the packaging with protection in mind as the fan and accessories come separately packaged inside a thick plastic clam shell. The accessories too arrive mostly in their own plastic pouches, and we get quite a few of those here. A 4-pin female to full-size MOLEX connector adapter is included, presumably for those wanting to power the fan directly from the PSU. Silverstone also provides four self-tapping metal screws, four rubber mounts to reduce vibrations from being passed on to/from the case these are installed to, and four plastic pieces with metal inserts and smaller screws that appear to be fan corners, but we will make sure to confirm whether they are on the next page.
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