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SilverStone Fortress FT03 Review

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SilverStone FT03

SilverStone's packaging is both informative and engaging. Easy to read features and specifications compliment the pictures of the case making for a pleasing overview. The packaging is slightly larger than the case itself but it's well within reasonable size to fit into all most any vehicle trunk space.

Here we have something unusual, an immediate warning about making use of the included manual. I thought this funny at first, but the manual proved to be entirely worthy during installation. After removing the cardboard shell we have the FT03 tightly wrapped in plastic and firmly sandwiched in between two large pieces of foam.

SilverStone Strider Gold 750W Power Supply

Here the exterior packaging of the Strider Gold 750W power supply is detailed in a gilded look to correlate to the 80 PLUS Gold rating. The sides of the packaging really outline the key features and specifications of the power supply. With graphs ranging from ripple voltage to fan profile response the Strider Gold packaging is filled with useful information.

Opening the packaging reveals a nice custom foam liner, the user installation manual and general power supply technology manual, and a small white accessory box. Removing the foam all the modular cables are tightly binded together and connected.


SilverStone FT03

A few standard case accessories are included, case screws, a pair of zipties, and a Molex to three pin fan connection. An SSD bracket is included as well as a full user's manual.

SilverStone Strider Gold 750W Power Supply

Included with the FT75F-G is an installation manual, a power supply manual, Velcro cable ties, zip ties, and screws. An interesting inclusion is the power supply manual, this includes advanced details about the power supply to provide a more in depth idea for the components used and general operations of a modern power supply.
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