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Silverstone Fortress FT03 Mini Review

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A Closer Look - Inside

You may pull three of the four sides off the case without the use of any tools, while the last one has to stay in place, as it acts as the motherboard tray. This reveals the all-black, interior steel frame of the compact chassis. In general, the FT03 is a small form factor chassis, which has been stood up and the drive bays are turned 90 degrees to go out the side.

The motherboard area is nothing out of the ordinary, as it comes with the standard four spacers. Below that is a tray for a single 2.5 inch hard drive bay. Silverstone has placed it there as there is enough room, maximizing use of interior space.

You may also install a single 3.5 inch drive the the bay opposite of the afore mentioned 2.5 inch one. It is attached to an additional 2.5 inch bay, which in turn is part of the slimline tray. This ODD tray and its underlying hard drive bays are held in place by four screws to allow for easy removal.

The PSU bay can be found in the ceiling of the case, which means that the FT03 is restricted in terms of CPU cooler height. You are free to use a cooler with up to 78 mm height. There are not too many good and quiet coolers on the market which fit the bill, but this is something you have to accept, considering the small dimensions and excellent use of space within the case. On top of that, the overall arrangement allows for graphics cards of up to 10 inches to be used.
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