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A Closer Look - Inside

To gain access to the interior of the chassis, simply remove the pair of thumb screws holding each side panel in place. The general layout is traditional, with all different areas located where one would expect them to be, but the first unique aspect is revealed when taking a look at backside of the motherboard tray. Silverstone has engineered the case in such a way, that there is enough space for fans to be installed next to the hard drive bay. A single 120 mm unit is already part of the chassis, with the possibility of adding an additional one below it.

Right behind the motherboard tray, you will have around 20 mm of space to work with, but the trench below the tray area gives you a whooping 50 mm. No matter what cables you have flying around the chassis, you can hide them here.

One of the reasons you can fit so many hard drives within the chassis is the little contraption on the floor of the KL04. This unit allows for up to five 2.5 inch drives to be placed within the case. The other source of all that drive space is the big, one piece HDD cage, which may be pulled out quite easily after removing the thumb screws holding it in place, thanks to the solid silver handle.

Above these bays are the 5.25 inch ones, each with a screw-less locking mechanism, which we have seen used in various other Silverstone cases in the past.

The PSU bay is a bit restrictive, due to the 2.5 inch cage taking quite a bit of space. Above that are the eight motherboard expansion slots and the afore mentioned 120 mm cooling fan.

In the top you will find the third and last fan within the system. All three cooling units utilize 3-pin connectors for the mainboard headers.

Before we dive into the assembly aspect, let us take a quick look at the cables within the Kublai KL04. The ones for case functionality like buttons and LED are of the colorful variety, while the audio and USB 3.0 cables come sleeved in black.
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