Silverstone Precision PS06 6

Silverstone Precision PS06 Review

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The case comes packaged in a plain but quite sturdy cardboard package. On one side you will find an image of the case front, while the other holds a side graphic explaining all the features of the chassis. Both smaller sides go into detail about the features and specifications of the enclosure, with carrying holes on each.

Silverstone secures the PS06 chassis with thick styrofoam spacers along with a plastic bag. The latter is supposed to keep the case safe from finger prints and scratches during the packing process.


You will get the bare necessities with the case. A bag of screws along with a USB 3.0 to 2.0 adapter. This cable is needed, as the chassis lacks any USB 2.0 I/O in the front so that users of older motherboards are still able to retain this functionality. A manual is also part of the package. Even though the covers are in English, it seems like the date is of a different language as the issue date is "Februsry 2010" - funny.
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