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Silverstone Precision PS08 Review

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Silverstone packages the Precision PS08 into a plain cardboard package with black print on it. The front has an image of the chassis, while the rear goes into more detail about its features. Both sides hold additional text and specifications. Due to the compact size of the box, there are no holes cut into these smaller areas.

A set of compact Styrofoam spacers holds the chassis in place and protects it from physical damage, while a plastic bag protects against scratches and finger prints during the packing process.


You will find a bag full of black screws and a few zip ties within the chassis, but instead of a manual, you will simply get a pamphlet with specifications and a blow-up diagram. Considering that the Precision PS08 is an unusual case, a manual would have been a good addition and may be sorely missed, especially by first-time builders.
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