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A Closer Look - Outside

Silverstone tends to push the envelope with how the interior of cases is used and the PS08 is no exception. Even though it is quite compact, it can hold a mATX board and full-sized components. The overall design can be considered timeless, with an all-black exterior and interior in combination with elements of plastic and metal mesh.

Taking a look at the front, the area can be divided into the mesh panel on the bottom and the two fully sized drive bays. Unfortunately, there are no 3.5" bays, which would have been a cool addition to such a compact chassis. The next surprise can be found in the rear, as the PSU bay is located under the ceiling. This is quite the unusual sight nowadays. Besides that, there is nothing out of the ordinary except for the basic rear. Both side panels have a rather round shape extruding from their center, which is quite unusual since the rest of the case utilizes hard edges as design elements. Both panels have four little dents in them act as handles to pull the covers off the chassis - a first in my books. A large vent in the main panel allows for fresh air to enter through the side.

Taking a closer look at the front, it turns out that you may remove the metal mesh part for cleaning, and to reveal the 120 mm intake fan. Above that are the two 5.25" bays, each protected by a full plastic cover that is easily removable, thanks to built-in plastic tension clips. Silverstone limits the I/O to two USB 3.0 ports and the usual pair of audio in/out plugs.

Turning the case around, it becomes apparent that Silverstone has tried to make the case as compact as possible. The four motherboard expansion bays come with break-out covers, and any added card is secured on the outside of the chassis. Above that is an air vent which may hold an 80 or 92 mm fan, while the PSU bay in the very top comes with a single set of mounting holes, so you may only install it with the fan facing downward.
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