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Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution 1000 W Review

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The PSU comes in a nice package which heavily uses the gold color, in order to highlight the efficiency rating of the unit. On the face of the box we find the series and the model description. The 1000W capacity is highlighted in big fonts while in the bottom right corner a brief description of the unit's features is given. This time the rear side of the box doesn't provide any useful info. If you want to learn more about the PSU's technical features, power specifications and available cables/connectors then you should take a look at the remaining sides of the box. Strangely enough Silverstone does not provide any warranty information anywhere on the packaging.


The contents of the box are well protected and the PSU itself is further protected by bubble wrap. Unfortunately there is no storage pouch for the modular wires, which are all attached to the PSU. As you can see from the photos above, the PCIe cables feature filtering capacitors in their sleeving. Along with the unit you will get two user manuals, one referring to the unit's specifications in detail while the other provides installation info, a set of thumb screws and a set of normal screws, some Velcro and zip ties, an AC power cord and a FF141 fan filter with magnets for easy installation on the unit's fan grill. Here we should note that Silverstone sells the FF141 separately and it supports up to 140mm fans (in PSUs we haven't seen larger fans used, yet).


The external, heavy matte, black finish is of high quality and uses a scratch resistant and lead-free paint according to Silverstone. The power specifications label is installed on one of the two sides, while the other is left empty. Unfortunately on the front side there isn't an On/Off switch, a major omission in our opinion since a power switch comes in handy in many cases, in a PSU. On the rear side, on top of the modular panel there is an illustration showing where the various cables should be connected. The PCIe sockets can be also be distinguished by their blue color. Finally the fan grill's center is decorated by Silverstone's fancy logo, a snow crystal.
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