Silverstone SFX Series ST45SF-G 450 W 13

Silverstone SFX Series ST45SF-G 450 W Review

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The box is very small, which makes sense since it houses a compact PSU, but it features vivid graphics with an emphasis on the color gold to highlight the unit's Gold efficiency. On the front, we find the 80 Plus Gold badge, a photo of the PSU, the model and capacity description, and a features list.

Some of the PSU's specifications and a power specifications table are given on one of the two sides. On the other side, available connectors are illustrated. The first sample we had was V1.0 but later Silverstone send us a new sample, V1.1, which addresses some problems that they noticed and have to do with increased ripple on the minor rails. All of our tests were conducted with the newest sample (V1.1) in which the main difference from the older one is that on a wire of the ATX modular cable a capacitor was added, to increase capacitance.

The rear side has several illustrations showing the efficiency curve, the modular panel, the strict regulation and low ripple of the rails, and, finally, the single +12V rail that this unit features.


The small PSU is protected by bubble-wrap, and we would like to see some packing foam used instead. The user manual sits on top, and the rest of the bundle includes an AC power cord, a set of fixing bolts, and an ATX adaptor that allows the PSU to be installed in a normal ATX case.

Unfortunately, there is no pouch for the modular cables, but all of them will most likely be utilized since there are only a few.


The PSU is really small, and the fact that such a small unit can deliver up to 450 W power with Gold efficiency is pretty amazing. Unfortunately, there is no power switch, and we think that all PSUs should be equipped with one. Maybe space restrictions are to be blamed for the lack of an on/off switch in this case, but the OEM of this unit usually avoids installing power switches on their PSUs for their own (unknown) reasons. The whole real-estate of one of the two sides is covered by the specifications label. The modular panel and a scheme providing information about the sockets reside on the rear. The small fan is hiding under a not-so-appealing grill and covers most of the top area up. The finish is, in general, quite good and the paint job is nice.
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