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SilverStone Strider Plus ST60F-PS 600 W Review

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The package has small dimensions since the PSU itself is quite small. The front has the Silver efficiency badge and an image of the PSU with lightning bolts over it. On the left side are the series and model descriptions and a brief features description.

This side has a graph illustrating the efficiency curves of the unit with 115 and 230VAC input. Naturally, efficiency is noticeably higher with 230VAC, reaching Golden levels, but such efficiency levels should be obtained with 115VAC in order for the unit to be officially certified. Two further illustrations show the sockets of the modular panel and the dimensions of the unit, and another graph shows the fan's speed at various load levels.

The most interesting part is the description of the connectors that equip the PSU. Unfortunately, the length of the cables they are installed on is not provided.

The rear of the box only has a brief multi-lingual features description.


Once we opened the top flap, we saw two manuals and the PSU that was stored in bubble wrap. We would prefer packing foam but bubble wrap also offers good protection. A covered compartment at the bottom stores all the modular cables.

Besides the necessary modular cables, the bundle also includes an AC power cord, two sets of fixing bolts (one with plain screws and one with thumb ones), a single Velcro strap, several zip ties, and two manuals: one for the installation process and one including info about the specific unit.


The key feature of this PSU is its small length, which will make it compatible with even the smallest chassis. According to ATX specification, the normal length is 16 cm, but the ST60F-PS is only 14 cm long. The unit is, aside from this feature and its fully modular panel, pretty standard, since the front has the classic honeycomb-structured vent and the fan is equipped with a classic grill that, however, has a nice badge on its center. Another interesting characteristic, at least for a Silverstone PSU, is the inclusion of an on/off switch, which can come in handy quite often. Many Silverstone units to date were not equipped with an on/off switch which meant that you had to remove the AC power cord in order to work with a computer's internals, which is nothing terrible, but flipping a switch is much more convenient.

The specifications label is located on one of the two sides and there is a description of them on the rear, below the modular socket. All in all, the finish of the unit feels good and is resistant enough to scratches. We couldn't ask for more with a unit of the middle category.
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