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Silverstone Strider Gold ST65F-G 650 W Review

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The small box features a nice design with vivid colors. The front has a photo of the PSU with the fan grill and the modular panel in clear view, and the capacity- and model descriptions. In the bottom-left corner is an over-sized 80 Plus Gold badge and above that is a list with the unit's most important features. Strangely enough, Silverstone mentions the fan's noise outputs of only 18 dBA minimum while they would, normally, refer to the fan's maximum output noise instead, but we will inform you of that.

There is nothing worth mentioning on both sides, but the top has a list of all available connectors. Unfortunately, there is no mention of cable length.

The bottom of the box has all the technical features of the PSU and the power specifications table. As you can see, the paint is lead free. The unit weights 2.35 kg according to Silverstone; however, our scale had a different opinion. The ST65F-G apparently lost some weight during its way to our lab—or they weighed it with all of the modular cables attached.

The rear has some illustrations referring to the PSU's 80 Plus Gold efficiency, the single +12V rail, its fully modular design, the within 3% voltage regulation on all rails, and, of course, the PSU's small footprint. There is also a graph that shows the fan's speed throughout the entire operating range of the PSU.


Once we opened the top flap, we were greeted by a large, white manual. As Silverstone usually does, there is another one somewhere in the box. As you can see, the PSU is only protected by bubble wrap. We would like to see some packing foam as well.

You will, along with the two manuals, get some zip ties, several Velcro straps, and two sets of fixing bolts. All in all, the bundle is pretty rich.

A detailed look at the sleeved cables. They are, as you can see, fully sleeved; however, sleeving on the main ATX cable should be a little longer. Many users also prefer stealth cables (all black wires) for a cleaner internal look.


The black finish is glossy enough to be a fingerprint magnet, which makes the photo-shooting process quite difficult. The over-sized specifications label is installed on one of the two sides, while the bottom has an embossed Silverstone logo. To provide a clear view of the latter, we had to play with the lighting of our photo studio a bit.

The fully modular panel at the rear only features eight sockets. The blue sockets are meant for the PCIe cables. The other black 8-pin socket is for the EPS cable and the four 6-pin sockets are for the peripheral and SATA cables.
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