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Silverstone Strider Plus ST50F-P 500 W Review

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The PSU's package, despite its small volume/weight, features a carrying handle. The trip for the small PSU, till it reached our lab, was very rough judging from the dents on the box. Thankfully we found its contents intact.


Only some bubble wrap protects the PSU. We would like to see some packing foam here for extra protection since, judging from the box's dents, sometimes carriers hold football tournaments using the packages as balls.
Even though it comes at a low price, lots of accessories are included. Besides the AC power cord and the modular cables you will get several Velcro cable ties, four zip ties, two manuals and two sets of fixing bolts.


Besides increased usability, the fully modular design clearly adds points to the PSU's appearance. The finish is glossy and a real fingerprint magnet. I also liked the blue fan a lot, it matches really well with the black finish of the PSU.
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