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Silverstone Sugo SG02 SFF chassis Review

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The Silverstone Sugo SG02 ships in a very compact package. The small size and weight would warrant a handle up top, but Silverstone has opted not to place one there. The front and back only show the case with a black and white paint job, along with a logo and the name of the enclosure.

You need to look at either end to find the detail specifications and features. One side lists all important specifications, along with a few "money" shots of the case. The other side shows the white enclosure and lists all the features of the case. This is where you will also find a sticker to let you know the color of the case inside.

Silverstone is using two compact foam spacers, which should protect the case from a fall quite nicely. In addition the enclosure is placed inside a heavy duty plastic bag and the entire front is covered by a plastic film to protect it from scratches.


Besides the case, there is only a black & white manual and a bag with a few screws inside the package.
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