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Silverstone advertises a 10 mm thick slab of aluminum as the front panel. It actually is the thickest front panel I have seen on any case to date. This block of aluminum makes up most of the weight of the chassis and has been designed in an understated fashion. It consists of nothing but straight edges and rounded corners, which looks pretty sweet.

The front doesn't have any air vents, but has a Silverstone logo on the bottom, right corner. Turning the chassis around, we can clearly see that there is no PSU bay, just the connector for power. The SG08 has two fully sized expansion slots, so you may also install long dual-slot GPUs. Both sides of the chassis have oversized air vents. The larger vent is intended for the graphics card, and the one on the opposite side acts as an exhaust vent.

The front houses a simple set of I/O consisting of two USB 2.0 ports and the usual pair of audio connectors on the right edge of the front. While this is no big deal due to the thickness of the front panel, Silverstone was unable to hide them away nicely, and the bare USB connector can be seen fully. The round power button has been placed on the bottom, left corner of the front panel.

You will also find a little fan speed switch within the case for the 180mm Air Penetrator fan. They can, respectively, be run at either 700 or 1200 rpm and 18 or 34 dBA. A reset button can also be found here. This is an important aspect since you will have no access to the PSU switch on the exterior of the case.

A large vent in the top of the chassis gives the Air Penetrator fan access to fresh air, while the underside has a dust-filter-covered 120 mm opening for the pre-installed 600W PSU.
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