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Silverstone SUGO SG09 Review

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A Closer Look - Inside

Attempting to access the chassis makes the large amount of thought Silverstone has put into the SG09 - in order to push things to the limit - apparent. The top panel is easily taken off by removing the thumb screws holding it in place, but you will have to take off another piece of the chassis on the bottom to gain access to every area within. This piecce also holds the air vents and the aforementioned 120 mm cooling unit.

Once both parts are removed, the case is pretty much bare, which reveals an interestingly designed interior. Three and a half sides are open, which should easily allow you to reach everything within well.

Silverstone has wasted no space by putting the slimline ODD bay as far up and into the top as possible. The Air Penetrator fan is meant to push air into the chassis in order to cool the motherboard below. This helps create positive air pressure within the case to keep the dust out.

All the hard drives have to be installed behind the motherboard tray. There is enough room for two 3.5 and four 2.5" drives, which is an impressive number for a case of this size. Remember the small opening on the right side of the exterior? It is for a 80 mm fan spot on this side.

The PSU bay can be found inside the front of the chassis, just below the slimline ODD bay. A large dust-filter-covered vent gives it access to fresh air through the front of the SG09. You may also remove this cover to clean the filter at any time. In the rear, you will find the usual set of expansion slots for an mATX board. Each slot is protected by its own individual air-vent cover. The 120 mm exhaust fan is a traditional one with a 3-pin fan header and an RPM signal.

Unfortunately, the cables within the SG09 are not sleeved black; they are completely of the standard variety. The USB 3.0 cable is black and can be converted to fit smaller USB 2.0 headers with the included adapter.
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