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Silverstone SUGO SG09 Review

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Installing the motherboard is done in the same way as in most standard display cases. Even though the chassis is quite compact, it still fits massive tower coolers like the Silverstone Heligon HE01. On top of that, the SG09 eats dual-GPU configurations for breakfast, as you can see above. The opening in the motherboard tray for the CPU cooler backplate can be found behind the 3.5" bar.

Installing 3.5" drives is a two-step process. One has to secure the drives on the metal plate before putting it back into position behind the motherboard tray. It rests on rubber rings as an anti-vibration measure.

Installing SSDs or 2.5" hard drives requires a similar amount of work. Each of the frame pairs can hold two drives. These are installed outside of the chassis before being put back onto the motherboard tray's underside. As you can see, I have turned one drive around to make things easier with the SATA power connector. You would, in reality, need the perfect set of cables to fill all the bays without putting too much strain on the connectors. I would suggest thin and bendable cables, and stay clear of sleeved variants.

Even the slimline optical drive uses the same type of mounting system. Attach the plastic part to the drive before securing the drive to the tray on top.

Silverstone was kind enough to supply us with a compact Strider Plus 600W PSU that uses a single-rail design for up to 49A and 80Plus Silver certification. It is fully modular and one of the most compact PSUs of this capacity on the market.

To install the PSU, one has to pull out the removable cage. Once out, simply screw the unit into place before sliding it back into place. While you can install the unit with the fan facing towards the front, I chose the opposite way because the PSU's power cable plugs into the chassis nicely this way.

The SG09 still makes a good impression after having been filled up to the rim with parts. The biggest mess is created by the long PSU cables, but Silverstone does offer shorter ones with their "Silverstone Short Cable Set SST-PP05". The toughest part of assembly is the hard drive area as things are very tight there, especially for the 2.5" drive.

Finished Looks

Once the covers are back in place, it should become apparent that you have just stuffed a high-end system into a case as small as some mini-ITX cases. Considering that, the SG09 makes a great impression. All the connectors in the rear are easily accessible, and the angled plug makes sure that the PSU cable is not in the way.

One can clearly see the PSU through one of the vents since it is set up to push hot air out through that side. Even the small vent allows you to peek at one of the power cables within.
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