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Silverstone Temjin TJ08 Review

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The card board box of the Temjin TJ08 has no colorful images of the case, any features or check boxes. It has the natural brown color, and the Silverstone logo printed up top, along with the Temjin TJ08 at the bottom of the box. The card board is very thick and sturdy, much heavier than the usual cheap OEM cases.

Once the top was opened up, the case could be seen, with the front toward the top. It was inside a heavy duty plastic bag with spacers on the left and right. These spacers were not made out of Styrofoam, but out of a soft foam material, just like the kind you would see used for retail hard drives. This and the heavy duty card board box make for a very secure and durable package. Well done Silverstone.


Besides the case itself, there was a little bag of screws, a metal piece in case you wanted to include a lock on the case, a ferrite ring and a small speaker which you could plug directly into the mainboard. The one reason Silverstone has included such a speaker is simply a space issue; there is no space for a traditional speaker to be mounted anywhere on the case body. Besides that, the included one is of much higher quality that the ones usually mounted on the case body. I addition the the bag, Silverstone has included a pictured, two page manual on how to install the components into the case.
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