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Sirtec High Power ATX-410-212 Review

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The PSU is coated with a very shiny and reflective chrome coating. However, this does not take fingerprints easily. Even after handling the unit for some time I saw only minor fingerprints on it, and they could be easily wiped away with the bare hand.

The backside of the PSU is made from hole-stamped metal for best air circulation. A switch for selection of 110V or 220V input is also provided here.

Sirtec chose to sleeve only the ATX power cable.

The ATX power connector uses a clever solution to stay compatible with both 20 and 24 Pin motherboards. You can split the connector into two parts. If you have a 20 Pin motherboard connector, just use the 20 Pin plug and leave the four extra pins unconnected.

When running, the PSU has a blue warm fuzzy glow which lights up the inside of your case.
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