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Sleek-Audio SA6 Earphones Review

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The Package

The product is shipped a very colorful box full of goodies. When I opened the box the first thing that surprised me was how small these things are. They are absolutely tiny and so much smaller than the other earphones I have. This actually shocked me a bit. They are a bit smaller than the Westone UM1s I reviewed a while ago, but they are straight so they will not sit flush with your skull.

The Sleek-Audio in-ears are bundled with a lot of acessories that add to the value of the solution. Besides the earphones you get three different sized silicone tips and of course a lot of different tuning bass ports and treble tubes. The general idea behind Sleek-Audio's SA6 earphones is that the user can tailor their sound to his needs.

This approach actually lets you decide on what amount of bass and treble you want. Of course it is something you have to play around with intensively since you lose a little sound detail when opting for the tuning part that boosts a certain area of the earphone's frequency response.
As with all in-ears a proper seal is need before the headphones can truly shine. Sleek-Audio has gone ahead and designed their own line of silicone tips for their new earphones. You get three different sized dual flange tips with the SA6. This is a bit unusual, since most in-ear solutions include just a pair of foam tips. This puzzled me a bit to begin with, but I soon learned that there was no need for foamies because the silicone tips are designed in a more comfortable way than most other competing products.

Sleek-Audio has a very neat little carrying case that they supply with the SA6s. It can store both the earphones and a spare set of treble and bass tuning ports. The box opens up and has a rod that you can wind the cable around for easy storage.

There is no doubt, that these in-ears are tiny. On the picture above you can see them compared to a standard CD.
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