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Sleek-Audio W1 Wireless Kit

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The Package

The Sleek-Audio Wireless system ships in a very colorful box.

In order to use the wireless kit you need a set of Sleek-Audio in-ears. The system can both be used with the SA6s and the new Custom in-ears since they feature the same connector. The Sleek-Audio W1 wireless adapter is definitely a nice upgrade path if you want to use the earphones for exercise or need better mobility.

The bundle is pretty neat, you get a carrying pouch which can fit the Sleek Wireless system and your DAP in if you are lucky. Besides that you also get a little mini-jack extender which allows you to use the system with old iPhones and other devices with recessed mini-jacks. In order to charge the transmitter and the receiver you get a dual-head micro USB cable.

Closer Examination

The wireless transmitter and receiver look really good. They are made from black plastic with a gloss like finish (not scratch resistant). The receiver has two small rubber stress reliefs which also act as size adjusters. This is actually pretty nice because it allows you to raise the receiver from the upper part of your neck, to the lower part of your skull making it more comfortable to wear.

The wireless kit is extremely nice. Because you can remove the cable you have way less clutter and you do not have to wind up a long cable every time you have listened to some music. Using the W1 is a nice experience, after a relatively hassle free installation you get all the benefits of the device like less microphonic noise, the ability to have your device quite a bit of way from the receiver and a more practical solution.

The receiver has the same on / off button as the transmitter and uses the same micro USB port for charging. One full charge should give you about 10 hours of listening time. If that is not enough for you, you can always take the cable with you. The earphones are incredibly easy to detach from the wireless system and hook up to a cable.

On the receiver there are two relatively large rubber stress reliefs which double as size adjusters.

The transmitter is quite small and has a standard mini jack connector on it. You can hook it up to pretty much any DAP with a 1/8" jack, but if it is recessed you need to use the extender cable that Sleek also includes with this product (old iPhone, some obscure PMPs and DAPs).

The Sleek-Audio W1 looks as though it was made for the Cowon D2. The D2 is a little thicker than the W1 transmitter but overall the fit is great, definitely a very pocket friendly solution.

Sleek's cable and connector assembly looks just like that of the original cabled solution.

When you have established a connection between the receiver and transmitter they both blink once every few seconds. If they cannot connect they blink a lot faster. The indication system works nicely, you are never left in doubt as to why the unit is not playing.

Above you can see the Sleek-Audio W1 hooked up to a set of custom Sleeks and a Cowon D2.
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