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Soundgraph FingerVU 706 Review

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While I am expecting to see accessories like remote controls and various cables, Soundgraph managed to put a smile on my face by including a screen protector, perfectly sized for the FingerVU 706. This is a nice touch to protect your investment and also adds another protective layer between the screen and your finger or alternative input device.

There is a quick start guide tumbling around in the triangular package, along with an 8 cm CD. This medium did not come in any protective package for some strange reason. Since Soundgraph is actively working on new versions of both the iMedian HD and the FingerUI, you will most likely be prompted to download the newest variant after installation anyways.

Included are also two cables. One is a standard USB to mini USB cable, roughly a meter in length, while the other extend the former and terminates with two USB connectors to your PC. This extension is required for those computers or laptops which do not manage to supply the required power to the device. A bag with a battery along with foam pieces for the stand are also part of the set.

Last but not least, there is the single piece, aluminum monitor stand, matching the color of the FingerVU 706 - in our case: black. The angle is actually quite weird and would require you to have a very low table, but more on that later.

A Closer Look

The FingerVU is constructed of fairly sturdy plastic. Both the left top and bottom right corner seem to be some sort of sensors, as they are made of a different material. In the rear you will find a metal mount with two thumb screws. This makes it easy to screw the unit down unto the stand and the mini USB plug is in the dead center of this mounting system. There are a few air vents, but the FingerVU 706 does not heat up during use, thus those are just a precaution.

Once installed, my fears of the weird angle became a reality. The screen is facing upward so much, that you will have to get up to get the best angle on it or sit at a very low desk. It would have been nice if Soundgraph gave you the option to adjust the angle. This hould easily be accomplished by an updated mounting bracket. The stand has a DisplayLink logo, which means that one of their ICs is taking care of the USB to display interface and that the FingerVU will show up as a secondary screen in Windows. Turning it around, we can still see the mini USB connector clearly through the metal stand.

You may also change from the landscape mode to vertical by simply rotating the screen 90 degrees. This will not alter the software to display things properly though. You are still required to manually set such a configuration up on the host system.
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