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Soundgraph Hummin' 3.03 & Finger VU 1016W Review

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Hummin 3.03

Soundgraph usually ships the chassis without the wireless monitor, giving the user the choice to upgrade the screen at a later time if needed. We actually received a full set and as you can see by the packaging buying both of these together is a possibility - if the reseller chooses to offer such a set. The full color package makes a good impression and ships with a handle so that you may carry it home from the place of purchase.

There is a note printed on the package, asking you to take a look at the quick start guide or the Soundgraph website if questions arise. The Hummin' 3.03 is sandwiched into two thick foam spacers and protected by a foam bag.

FingerVU 1016 & Dock

The FingerVU 1016W display, which we received both separately and as part of the Hummin' 3.03 ships in compact box with the same package art. Each monitor includes a set of wireless dongles as well. Two foam parts along with a protective bag keep the display safe.

The dock ships in a similar box, also sandwiched with two foam spacers.


Hummin 3.03

You do not get too many extras with the Hummin' 3.03, but this is simply due to the fact that everything you need should be part of the mainboard to be installed. Our sample came with the signature remote, which we have seen with many different cases and Soundgraph products in the past, along with a manual.

FingerVU 1016 & Dock

The FingerVU 1016S will include a set of dongles in the matching color. If you buy the case by itself, this pair of dongles will not be present, as they are only included with the display. Each pair is married to each other, so that you cannot simply exchange one if it breaks. You will have to make sure that both are returned and exchanged. You will also get to separate manuals for the dongles and touchscreen.

While both the display and the chassis will not ship with a lot of extras, the dock includes a USB cable to connect to the host system, a miniature remote with the basic functions along with another manual.

To charge and power the dock, an external PSU is also part of the extras. It is actually quite compact and is rated for an output of 3A, which is more than what a traditional USB 2.0 port can handle. This requirement makes the power brick an absolute necessity.
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