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SoundGraph iMON 2.4G LT & DT Review

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Packaging & Contents


The two units come in a triangle shaped package with a little cut out up front showing the remote. The iMON 2.4g LT comes in an orange box and the iMON 2.4g DT packaging is green. It feels really study and has a little notch, so it can be hung into a shelf. The back is identical for both and shows off the iManager software, the different uses and the system requirements.


After taking out the contents of each box, the difference between the two remotes becomes apparent. The iMON 2.4g LT has a USB stick as a receiver and comes with a quick install guide, a CD, a pair of quality Toshiba batteries and the 2.4GHz remote. The iMON 2.4g DT comes with a quick install guide, CD and the same batteries. The receiver is a PCI card with external antenna.
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