SoundGraph iMON Ultra Bay 8

SoundGraph iMON Ultra Bay Review

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There are a few items inside the white packaging. The previously mentioned remote and batteries to power it, a manual, a Software CD, an ATX connector to power the Ultra Bay and a USB 2.0 header adapter. The USB adapter allows you to connect a normal USB 2.0 device directly to the mainboard header.

A Closer Look

The front of the Ultra Bay is as big as two 5.25 inch drive bays. The top holds a shiny display, an iMEDIAN start button as well as the IR receiver. The lower part includes two turning knobs, media selection and media control buttons. The back of the Ultra Bay is covered by plastic, protecting the LCD and PCB.

There is a small PCB with a connector for the proprietary Soundgraph power connector, start button cable and USB cable. The latter is hardwired and cannot be disconnected.
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