Soundgraph iMON VFD 3

Soundgraph iMON VFD Review

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The packaging is very sturdy and has the traditional hole on top, so it can be hung from a shelf. The front sports a window where the remote can be seen, while the backside lists all the features of the set. The side has a small window as well, to show the VFD and its color.


Once the cardboard is taken out of the packaging, the whole remote is revealed, protected under a plastic front. The installation CD and a quick start guide reside in the back of the packaging. There is a lot more inside than one would think. I was expecting to see a VFD with a traditional USB interface and Molex connector for power. The installation of the device is very well thought out, but more on that later. It was good to see that SoundGraph included batteries for the remote. They are quality batteries from Toshiba.

The remote control is rather large and has a lot of different buttons. Upon closer inspection I was able to find buttons to move my mouse, start DVDs, open files, programs and even turn off my PC. So if you are like me, who is too lazy to get up and turn off his PC after watching a movie, this may just be for you. The display has a proprietary power connector in the back, a pass through for the case power button and an USB cable that comes attached to the unit. The front has the display hidden behind a piece of smoked transparent plastic, which gives it the look of a home stereo display. The build of the front feels a bit flimsy, as it is made completely out of plastic. An aluminum front would look much better. Next to that there is a big knob. You can turn down the volume by turning it, or mute the PC by pressing down on the knob.
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