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Speed-Link Gravity XXL 2.1 Sound system Review

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The first thing you notice straight after unpacking the set is that the subwoofer and the speakers are quite large, and have a really nice build quality. One of the things that made me fall for these speakers was the rather simple design, the satellites look like a pair of ordinary speakers and have no odd looking dials or blue lighting. In fact this set looks so anonymous that you hardly notice it after installing it.

The design of the satellite speakers is really clean, they are connected via a cable just like a normal pair of speakers. Installing them was pretty easy. All you had to do was unpack the cables and insert them the right way into the connectors on the back of the satellites and subwoofer which also contains the amplifier.

The subwoofer is made of wood in order to give it the right acoustic properties. If you take a look at the subwoofer you will find that the unit is placed with the membrane on the side and that it has a small hole on the front that keeps the pressure inside the sub at neutral level. This should make the sub better at reproducing music where you don't need a fast and responsive effect but one that can provide a nice and full bodied sound.

The mechanism in which you insert the cable into the subwoofer is the exact same as on each of the two satellites. Also located on the back of the sub we have the audio-input connector and the on / off button.

As with most speaker systems the Gravity XXL comes with a little volume control knob that you can put on your desk. The volume control itself is really basic and the only thing you can control on it is the volume. What I dislike about this remote control, the way you connect it and the length of the cord, which is too short in my opinion. To connect the volume control you have to insert one of the ends into the sound card of your computer like a regular set of speakers and the other into the sub in the audio-input connector. This means that you have relatively few possibilites where to put the sound system because the sub has to be in range of both the PC and where you want to put the volume control.

Now not everything about the volume controller is bad, the build quality of it is really good just like the rest of the set. Overall a good sturdy design.

In addition to the volume controller there is a master control on one side of the subwoofer where you can control master volume, treble and bass. It is made from big plastic knobs that are precise and lets you easily pick the exact levels of bass and treble that you prefer.

All of the mini-jack connectors that come with this set are of a really good standard.

The only cables that of lesser quality are the main ones which you use to connect each of the satellites to the sub woofer. They are really thin, which could hurt the audio performance a bit. Another thing that makes it a bit annoying is that they are so thin that you have to fold them twice on the ends in order to connect them properly in both the satellites and in the sub.

The subwoofer has a blue light in it which is quite subtle.

It's really clear when in a dark room but in daylight it's hardly noticeable.
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