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Spire BlackDragon 400 W Review

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The unit comes in a small packaging of course, since it has an equally small footprint. On the top side there is a carrying handle to make the transportation of the package easier while on the face of the box we find an image of the unit along with a dragon's illustration and a brief features description. On the rear side you can read a quite long text which describes the benefits of the BlackDragon units and on the left there is a table showing the available connectors of each BlackDragon unit. In this table a 300W unit is mentioned but on Spire's site we didn't find any reference to it.


Inside the box no packing foam is used and the main protection of the unit is an air bubble packing. There are also two small cardboard boxes on the edges to provide further protection. The bundle includes a user's manual, a warranty registration card, a set of fixing bolts, the AC power cord and three Velcro cable straps.


The enclosure has a black powder-coated finish and in the product's description a reference is made to an embossed Spire logo which we failed to spot however. On the front the classic honeycomb-style vents are used and under the AC receptacle a useful On/Off switch is installed. On the side the power specifications label is placed while the other side is left empty of decals. On the rear we found a peeling decal which apparently needed more glue to stay in place. Around the cable exit hole there is no grommet installed and this is not good since the cables have a tight fit in the rather small hole. The cooling fan has a transparent body and it is lit by blue LEDs.
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