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The chassis makes a good impression. Spire is not going to win any design competitions and the the Sentor 6004 will not turn any heads in the crowd, but there are plenty of users who want just such an understated and timeless design. It does remind me of the Cooler Master Centurion case series though.

The entire front is constructed of plastic with metal mesh parts. While the overall quality of this panel is alright, the plastic parts - especially the top edge - can be flexed easily with the push. Turning the chassis around, it becomes apparent, that the entire case - including the interior is painted black. As with most modern enclosures, there is a bottom mounted PSU bay.

On the main side you will find a large opening on which a whopping four fans have been installed. These are all LED equipped and should really keep things cool for the components inside. The only other chassis with this many fans pre-installed is the DF-85 from Antec for example. Sadly, there is no dust filter here and the four units will be pulling a lot of air and thus dust inside the chassis. On the other side you will find a solid panel with an opening below the mainboard tray.

In the front, the bottom area is covered by mesh, behind which is another LED-equipped 120 mm cooling unit, raising the overall count to five. The I/O panel also functions as a visual divider and holds four USB 2.0 along with a pair of audio plugs and the power & reset buttons. There is no USB 3.0 anywhere in sight, which is a fairly large drawback by today's standards with cases costing half as much, already shipping with at least one such connectivity. In the top are are five 5.25 inch bays with one also being able to take a 3.5 inch device thanks to the included adapter frame.

In the rear, the PSU bay on the floor of the Sentor 6004 is actually lined with foam to reduce any vibrations emitted from the power supply itself. Above that are the standard seven mainboard expansion slots, each protected by a separate cover and a 120 mm exhaust fan. All in all, the Spire Sentor 6004 features a total of six fans - impressive!

You will also find a large air vent for two further 120 mm units in the ceiling of the chassis. While this is certainly a nice touch, the fan holes are spread too far apart for a dual 120 mm radiator to fit properly. You could still secure it on one of the fans though.
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