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SteelPad QcK+ Gaming mousepad Review

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Gaming performance

The surface of the pad is great, especially if you have a high quality mouse with Teflon pads, the mouse just glides!

I spent about an hour on Battlefield 2 and two hours on FEAR. (I was having a great time!) The pad allowed me to use high resolutions on my optical mouse without loosing accuracy. Very handy for when you are in close combat situations. On Battlefield 2, I found the pad perfect for flying helicopters, driving tanks etc. You can make large movements, and not worry about running out of room at a critical time. Great for using at lower sensitivities, sniping for example. The size allows you to take your time tracking someone before taking a well-aimed head shot.

Being as thin as it is (2mm) and having no support for the wrist, I was surprised to find that the pad was very comfortable, even after hours of gaming. The tightly woven fabric surface is very smooth, and doesn't hurt your wrist. Rubber bottom of the pad meaning that your wrist isn't on a completely hard surface also makes the pad very nice to use over extended periods of time.

You can see in the images above, the rubber bottom is actually a rubber foam.

The Water Test

This is a simple test used to see how the pad reacts to spilled liquids. By spilling a tea-spoon of water onto the corner of the pad, I was surprised to see it soak in as quickly as it did. The corner also dried relatively quickly, after being hung in a warm room for 15 minutes, it was ready for use again. There was no delamination where the water was spilled. This is good news, as it means minor spills like blackcurrant juice can be washed out, but fizzy drinks like Coke/Pepsi will certainly do damage.

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