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SteelSeries SP Gaming Surface Review

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SteelSeries is one of the most recognized companies when it comes to gaming grade mouse mats. The mat I will be taking a look at today is dubbed the SP and is the natural successor to the SteelSeries S&S mat. Much like the SteelSeries S&S the new SP is a hard plastic mat which offers quite a lot of new innovations, right from the surface to the rubber base. The surface technology employed by the SP is a market first. It's called a macroscopic surface which doesn't look anything like a mouse mat surface at first glance. Besides the all new surface SteelSeries has made a wise choice when it came to deciding on the base of the pad. Instead of the art stucco sprayed rubber that we saw on the S&S, the SP features the same solid rubber bottom that was first introduced with the SteelSeries SX metal mouse mat.


  • Extremely durable hard plastic mouse pad
  • Macroscopic texture offers minimal friction
  • Medium-sized, optimized for optical and laser
  • Two component mouse pad; plastic surface with rubber bottom
  • Material: Textured hard plastic
  • Dimensions: 320mm*270mm (12,6 x 10,6in) - thickness 3mm (0,1in)
  • Size: Medium
  • Glide: Smooth
  • Compatibility: Optical, ball, laser
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