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SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Mouse Review

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Sensei arrived in a flip-top cardboard box. The package is quite durable and lets you feel the shape of the mouse before buying it which is good.

Inside the box you find the mouse and a small pamphlet that describes the features in the mouse and driver suite.

Closer Examination

SteelSeries decided to stick with the shape we know from the Xai gaming mouse, which is a good thing. The paint job on the palm plate is debatable, it certainly looks flashy, but it does provoke a little more perspiration than the normal textured plastic tops.

Shape wise the Sensei leans itself towards those using a palm-type grip. Fingertip control is possible but the shape is not ideal. Carried on from the Xai is also the ambidextrous design, which means that the Sensei is equally good for ordinary people and lefties!

The packaging of the scroll wheel area is reasonable. The scroll wheel can be used without accidentally hitting the DPI-selector. The wheel mechanism feels solid, but the amount of force needed to scroll is on the low side for a hardcore gaming mouse. As a compromise, between everyday use and gaming, it is really good.

SteelSeries went all out in their quest for extra bling. The palm plate features an illuminated "dot" SteelSeries logo.

The cable mount and plug looks great on the Sensei. The braided wire has its pros and cons, but it works alright with the Sensei.

SteelSeries use the same type of feet on the Sensei as on their Xai. The big well placed feet mean that the glide experience is nice and even, and that the mouse sits on the mat nicely. These oversized feet completely remove wobble on harder mats.

A 5700 DPI resolution sensor is featured on the Sensei. It is placed dead center which means the mouse handles very well. Agilent's 9500-series sensors have a very good reputation and do not exhibit z-axis tracking such as Philips Twin-eye sensor equipped mice. The sensor is the best on the market and it seems well implemented on the Sensei.

Lights on! While the Sensei is not the most "blinged"-out mouse we have ever seen, it is certainly in the high visibility category with the lights on. They can be adjusted to any color you like, and can also be switched off.
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