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SteelSeries SteelSound 3H Review

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Closer Examination

The 3H is a quite small headset compared to i.e. the 4H or 5H v.2. Even when the headset is expanded it's still way smaller than the 4H. That the headset is easy to transport becomes crystal clear once you collapse it, with the two ear cups folded in between the headband it becomes absolutely tiny.

When collapsed, the headset looks really small and the ear cups are folded up under the headband nicely. The headband is covered by the SteelSound logo. As with the Razer Barracuda the 3H has a suspended headband which means that the ear cups are connected via two plastic rods with the headband underneath, making the headset easy to fit and comfortable to wear.

On the picture above you can see that the ear cups of the 3H is a bit smaller and has a completely different shape than those of the SteelSound 4H. Because the ear cups are so small the headset's weight pressed on your ears and collapses them, this makes the headset a bit more uncomfortable to wear over an extended period of time compared to the 4H.

On of the unique design characteristics of the 3H is that it can be folded / collapsed for easy transportation. Even when the headset is expanded it's still a bit smaller than the SteelSound 4H. The size and the fact that you can collapse it makes it ideal for use with MP3 players for example.

Another unique design characteristic of the SteelSound series headset is the retractable microphone boom. The SteelSound 3H's microphone boom is a bit different than the other SteelSound headsets because the disks are made of plastic contrary to the others that are made of metal and rubber disks. This makes the 3H's boom harder to adjust because it isn't as easy to shape.
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