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Streacom DB4 Review

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The Streacom DB4 comes extremely well packaged. In fact, our shipment consisted of a basic brown box (not shown) in which the protective brown package of the actual case was to be found. Inside it is a black box with some basic info and a sticker to let you know what is inside.

You may unfold this box to easily access the actual chassis and its extras. The DB4 is protected by thick foam spacers and a plastic wrap. This means there will at least be four layers of protection as the unit is shipped to you.


All the extra bits and pieces within the DB4 are neatly packaged into a foam block. This is necessary as you will also receive aluminum blocks and copper heat pipes which act as a part of the cooling mechanism in combination with the chassis itself.

Starting with the small parts, you will find the few screws you might need, three reusable zip ties, two thermal pads, and a tiny tube of thermal paste.

The larger of the two aluminum blocks is supposed to be attached to the end of the cooling assembly that connects to the chassis. It is milled out of a single piece and features six grooves for heat pipes. These will make direct contact with the thermal pad once installed. Then, there is the CPU block, also made of the same material and milled out of a single piece as well. You will find the same number of trenches here as well. There is a copper bit that goes between this block and the CPU. Last but not least, there are four heat pipes to move heat from the CPU to the chassis' side panel.

If you like, you may buy the LH6 Heatpipe-Kit to expand the cooling capabilities of the chassis to a total of six heat pipes. These additional pipes will route the heat to a second side panel. Retailers like Caseking have the kit in stock for 36 euros (incl. taxes).

The manual is extremely detailed, with coloured graphs and icons. It is nearly flawless, but I did find a cosmetic inconsistency in the labelling of the bags as oppoaed to what is mentioned in the manual. Streacom is aware of this tiny issue and will be fixing it.
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