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Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer Review

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Packaging and Contents

The Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer comes in a very clear and concise box. The theme of the box is black and blue, matching their website. Sunbeamtech’s logo appears on the top of the packaging multiple times whilst their website and company name appear on the bottom. On the front there is a large image of the heatsink, along with “Core-Contact Freezer” in large letters and a couple of images of the base/fan/included thermal grease. Towards one side of the package are the specifications and CPU compatibility/support list of the cooler while the other side simply has four pictures of the cooler and included thermal grease. The back of the box has a list of the features of the heatsink itself, features of the included fan and features of the included thermal grease. Furthermore, the back also contains “Core-Contact Freezer” in large letters (as on the front) and two images (one of the heatsink and one of a performance graph). On the top of the packaging is a simple yet very practical plastic handle, which enhances the portability of the unit.

The Core Contact Freezer comes with many accessories. The actual cooler is packaged within a secure plastic shell, held together by standard “pop on/off” clips. The manual is placed outside of the plastic shell, sitting towards the side of the box. On top of the plastic shell sits a plain white box with a hole in it, containing the accessories. Upon opening this white box you will find a small plastic bag coupled with a retention bracket (for Socket 775 based installations) and two steel brackets (to attach the fan onto the heatsink). In the plastic bag is an originally packed tube of Tuniq TX-2 thermal grease, a small package containing four plastic clips as well as another package containing a PCI slot fan controller (with the necessary screw to secure it to the PCI slot).
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