Sunbeam Silent Storm 3

Sunbeam Silent Storm

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This Silent Storm comes with an optional window. You can see the side 120mm fan and ventilation holes for the video card. The other side is nothing special. From the front you can see a thick door with ventilation holes. I couldn’t see a reason for them being all over the door, since the front intake fan is toward the bottom of the front panel. The door is held magnetically to the front panel. Both the front panel and door are plastic. They seem flimsy, but you’d have to try a bit to break them. Ordinary use won’t result in damage. Once the door is opened, five external 5.25”, and two 3.5” drive bays are revealed. There are also ventilation holes for the front intake fan. The back shows the expansion card slots and covers, which are removable, unlike most cases, where you have to punch the covers out. There is a 120mm fan on the back as well. Just on the bottom left side are two USB2.0 ports, a headphone port, and microphone port.

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