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Sunbeam Tuniq Ensemble 1200W Review

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Sunbeam uses a black brushed metal design for their power supply, which does take quite a bit of fingerprints. They can be easily wiped away with your bare hands though. It should also be noted that this PSU is longer than the ATX standard, so make sure it will fit your case. The exact length is 22 cm.

Unfortunately a modularity feature is not present, all cables are fixed to the PSU. Especially in this class of power supplies I find modularity extremely important since it allows you to use only the cables you really need at a given time which helps keep your case insides clean.

The top of the unit is dominated by the big 140 mm fan. A second fan is located near the back of the PSU.

Above the fan hub sits a nice Tuniq logo which is protected from damage by a transparent plastic foil.

The motherboard connector is a 24 pin variant, it is one big chunk of plastic. This makes sense since the motherboards you will use a 1200W power supply on will definitely have support for 24 pin power connectors.

This PSU comes with two 12V connectors. One is the 8-pin EPS variant and the second one is used on more "normal" motherboards. Depending on your motherboard you can use it as 4-pin of 8-pin connector. The two parts can be joined together by a locking mechanism which makes installation easier in cases with limited space.
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