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Sunbeam Tuniq Mini Plant 950W Review

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The first thing you will notice after unpacking, if you haven't seen it in the specs before, is that the PSU is of the standard ATX form factor. This is rather uncommon for a PSU with a wattage of 950W. The matte dark paint job barely takes any finger prints.

Unfortunately a modularity feature is not present, all cables are fixed to the PSU. Especially in this class of power supplies I find modularity extremely important since it allows you to use only the cables you really need at a given time which helps keep your case insides clean.

A big, slow running 140 mm fan will make sure your PSU stays cool at all times.

The motherboard connector supports both 20 and 24 pin operation. The two white arrows show where to press together the plugs for proper installation. Unfortunately it is not possible to clip both parts together for easy installation in limited spaces.

This PSU comes with two 12V CPU power connectors. One is the 8-pin EPS variant and the second one is used on older or budget motherboards.
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