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Sunbeam UFO Acrylic Cube Case Review

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Packaging & Contents

Sunbeam's UFO Acrylic Case comes in a small flat box. Yes, there is assembly required. The package is similar to most other Sunbeam products, with color pictures, features and specifications listed on the box. Sunbeam makes two versions of this case; one is completely clear, while our review sample is UV blue.

Inside the box the contents are packed very tightly and cushioned to avoid breakage during shipment. The center part contains all the components, while there is extra foam padding in the corners. Everything is banded with two yellow straps to hold it together. Looking from the side shows the package is divided into two sections. The case panels are individually wrapped in while foam sheets and stacked tightly, while the rest of the components are packed in a layer of stiff foam.

There are several photocopied pages of parts lists and assembly instructions. The instructions are fairly clear, though there are a few minor things missing.

Included with the case are two blue LED fans with chrome wire grills. These grills are individually wrapped and come with 3-pin to 4-pin adapters and some extra case screws, however these screws are not long enough to use with the thicker acrylic panels. Also with the kit are a pair of white cloth gloves to help avoid fingerprints while assembling the case.

All of the hardware is neatly separated into small resealable bags with the part numbers labeled on the outside. The manual tells which screws to use by the number, so leave all the screws in their individual bags until needed. There are over 30 thumbscrews in this kit that will be used to join the panels. Although the shafts are metal, the heads are chrome-colored plastic. They have a slot in them so a screwdriver can be used, but care must be taken wto avoid breaking the slots out.

The panels are joined to each other with small acrylic brackets. There are eight L-shaped brackets that are used for most of the assembly, and one small bracket that helps to support the panels near the power supply.

As with any case, there are the necessary power and reset buttons, as well as power and HDD activity LEDs. Sunbeam includes two audio ports, two USB 2.0 ports and a system speaker.

Aside from the hardware, the only metal part of the case is the rear panel for the I/O shield and expansion slots. There are seven slots as usual, and Sunbeam has included a generic I/O shield. For the case feet, Sunbeam used round pieces of acrylic sandwiched between double-sided adhesive and a thin piece of rubber. The plastic in the middle helps to maintain the look if the case, but the rubber on the bottom keeps the case from sliding around.
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