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Sunrise SW-Xcape In-ears

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Like the other Sunrise products we have recently reviewed, the Xcape in-ears ship in a cardboard box that is well padded on the inside.

With every set of Xcape in-ears you get a handy carrying pouch. The pouch provides enough protection for regular use and is small enough to be practical on the move.

The tip selection is alright although nothing fancy. You get three different sizes of medium thickness silicone tips. Due to the design of the Xcape’s ear pieces I think that the vast majority of users will be able to get a good fit.

Closer Examination

The earphones look quite bland. The small strain relief seems a bit too hard to do any serious dampening of vibrations. Microphonics wise the Xcape in-ears are only a little better than Head-Direct RE0s, even though Xcape in-ears feature a much softer cable.

Like the majority of dynamic based in-ears around, the Xcape use a medium sized sound port. With this type of design you can use aftermarket tips such as the Comply T400s.

Just as on the Head-Direct RE0s the sound tube has a cotton cover that prevents debris from falling into the driver housing.

The driver housings are made of aluminum and feel quite sturdy. Like all earphones the sound tube is its Achilles heel durability wise.

The cable and jack assembly seems alright, however, the plastic y-split used seems a bit weak.
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