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The box features a nice purple color, the same used on the packaging of all Golden King units. The front real estate of the box is occupied by a butterfly outline, the unit's series and capacity description and a row of badges showing the most crucial characteristics, namely the high efficiency, the modular design and the double ball bearings fan along with the Japan caps used in the internals. On the rear side of the package you can read more details about the PSU and get information on the fan's hybrid operation and the unit's specifications. Finally on the top side we meet a feature description and a table showing the various manufacturers of the materials used in this PSU. Most of you will immediately recognize the Infineon and Nippon Chemi-Con names, two manufacturers that belong to the elite of their respective fields.


A white, large piece of protective foam resides right under the top flap. The user's manual along with a piece of paper describing the functionality of the two-way thermal switch are located underneath the packing foam and last we find the PSU itself packed in bubble wrap. A velvet bag would be far nicer but costly, too. Thankfully there is a storing pouch for the modular cables, so you won't misplace any of the unused ones in the long run. The rest of the bundle includes an AC power cord and a set of thumb screws for chassis mounting. No Velcro straps or zip ties are included in the box, unfortunately.


The finish is semi-glossy and the single side decal is of average quality. On the other side we meet the power specifications label while on the front the classic honeycomb design exhaust grill is utilized. Right next to the AC receptacle there is a small red button which toggles the fan's operation between normal and hybrid, in which up to a certain temperature threshold the PSU operates in fanless mode. From the factory the red switch is set at fanless operation. On the rear side we find the modular sockets which are covered by silicone caps. All sockets are exactly the same so you can use every modular cable in any of them. The native cables are fully sleeved back into the housing and around the cable exit hole a grommet provides extra protection. Also the modular cables are flat since they feature ribbon wires. Finally, the white fan along with the nice badge on its center make a nice match with the rest of the unit.
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