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Super Talent DH Series 200x 1 GB Review

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We used the following devices for our comparison:
  • OCZ Rally 1GB
  • OCZ Mini Kart 1 GB
  • OCZ Roadster 1 GB
  • Super Talent RBST 1 GB
  • Super DH Series 200x 1 GB
  • Corsair Flash Voyager 512 MB
  • Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 512 MB
  • Sandisk Cruzer Micro 2 GB
  • Verbatim Store'n'Go Pro 2 GB
  • A-Data MyFlash PD7 1 GB
  • A-Data Football Disk 512 MB
  • A-Data PD17 MyFlash 1 GB
  • A-Data RB19 MyFlash 1 GB
  • Thermaltake MUSE external HDD enclosure
  • Generic Stick USB 1.1 256 MB
We used HDTach in the following two benchmarks.

The drive scores a very fast 31.8 MB/s in the read benchmark. This is a great result, just short of the A-DATA PD7. This speed should be quite noticable in every day applications. One such situation in which speed becomes apparent is a memory stick full of images, with the minature view enabled in Windows. The faster read speed means, that these thumbnails show up much faster.

The Super Talent DH Series 200x also shines when it comes to access times. The company advertises the use for ReadyBoost and it will certainly work well with access times below 1ms.

Like with all drives, performance gets better, the bigger the data chunks are. Also common to all USB sticks is that writes are slower than reads. Optimum file size is 64KB or bigger for maximum performance. In daily use you will almost never see files smaller than 64KB. The write performance with such files is very good with more than 15MB/s. Performance suffers, when using smaller chunk sizes, but you will notice this behavior with most other USB flash drives as well.
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