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Super Talent RBST 1 GB USB Stick w/ ReadyBoost Review

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Super Talent is one of the few memory manufacturing companies which actually has production facilities in the United States. This allows them to build and ship your product very fast. Turnaround times of 24 hours are well possible. For example SuperTalent made the USB sticks that were given out at a Microsoft Roadshow in the United States. If Microsoft ran out of giveaways, they could just call and have more available the next day.

Super Talent's RBST USB Stick has been designed and tested specifically to support the Microsoft Windows Vista ReadyBoost feature which increases your PC performance without opening the computer case.

From the manufacturer SuperTalent:
  • Fast data transfer rate
  • Designed and Tested to support ReadyBoost
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty


The package is rather simple, there are also no additional accessories included. Since this stick is designed for being attached to the PC at all times running Vista ReadyBoost, additional accesories are not needed. Windows 2000, XP and Vista do not need any drivers to support USB storage devices, so a driver CD is not needed either.
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