Swiftech Apogee SKF "Heirloom Series" CPU Water Block 13

Swiftech Apogee SKF "Heirloom Series" CPU Water Block Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Swiftech operates a web shop in the USA, which is where these samples came from, and thus, we begin with a look at the shipping packaging itself. A large box with over two inches of space between the box and the contents inside was used, space that was then filled with packing peanuts. Excellent packaging here, and this will help with any potential shipping and handling issues.

The product box is typical Swiftech with a glossy black cover on a cardboard box and hardly any other details. There is the Swiftech logo on the front and a product sticker on the back, but that's about it. Open the box and we begin to see hints of perhaps something different from the norm with the unboxing experience here. Inside is a felt fabric drawstring pouch that is fairly large for a CPU block, and it too has the Swiftech logo on the front.

Swiftech is playing a weird game of Russian dolls here with yet another container inside with another Swiftech logo on it. This one is a wooden box, which is definitely a first for me and really enhances the whole unboxing experience. The box is a two-piece item, and opening the lid reveals the block itself packaged very well in a shaped, thick foam layer. The inside of the lid also has a soft felt lining to ensure the block does not end up scratched, and there is a protective plastic wrap over the block to further cement that thought process.

The accessories come in a compartment underneath this and have foam sheets on all sides for protection. Swiftech provides a good set of accessories too, with mounting solutions for all the popular CPU sockets in the past five years. They come separately packed in plastic pouches, with most having an identifying label as well, especially the mounting posts and spring-loaded locking nuts. In addition, we get a tube of TIM MATE thermal paste, Intel socket backplate, AMD mounting bracket adapters with spring-loaded locking nuts pre-installed, and an LED extension cable. This goes hand in hand with the provided Swiftech Iris controller - a $13 part in itself that helps control the built-in lighting on the CPU block. The Iris controller has a control switch that can be used to toggle between lighting modes and also supports power and control of PWM fans and pumps. It is powered by a full-size SATA connector from the PSU, and you do not need to connect the PWM cable if you are not planning to use this with PWM fans or pumps. Missing here was an installation manual because Swiftech wanted to get these shipped as soon as possible, but one will be included for paying customers and in subsequent editions. An online copy of the manual can be found here, for those interested.

This is by far the most premium packaging for a CPU block I have seen in person and goes well with the "Heirloom series" flagship tier this product claims to be.
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